Julius Redillas – Word on the Street

Word on the street whispers of the return of Julius Redillas’ sinewy enigmatic figures.

In this latest collection, Redillas draws inspiration from the myriad details of everyday life that surround him. Within the sanctuary of his own home, the figures of the Virgin Mary and Sto. Niño stand as silent witnesses. These divine icons seamlessly transition from his personal space to his canvases, held by his iconic crimson character in stark white attire. 

Beyond the confines of his home, the streets also offer a rich array of life, where the playful antics of wandering animals became a source of fascination. And so, portraits depicting his signature figures tenderly holding a cat or a dog also find their place within this series.

At the heart of Redillas’ compositions are not his subjects, but the act of holding. This gesture serves as a focal point for his exploration of possession and connection. Whether it’s the reverent cradling of cherished religious icons or the affectionate hold of beloved pets, Redillas captures the essence of each touch – with touch as an extension of the personality holding it. 

What does it mean to hold onto something? Is it merely a physical act, or does it signify a deeper connection to our surroundings and to each other? Are our possessions merely material belongings, or do they also carry with them the weight of our memories, emotions, and experiences? 

In Word on the Street, Redillas invites us to ponder the significance of our interactions with the world, urging us to seek meaning in the seemingly ordinary. This exploration perhaps lies the true story of the whispers heard on the street.

This text was written for Julius Redillas’ Word on the Street exhibition at Art Cube Philippines. The show ran from May 4-June 1, 2024.